Tungsten2021: International Conference on Tungsten, Refractory & Hardmaterials

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin • Orlando, Florida

June 20–23, 2021

Technical Program Chairs

Animesh Bose

Animesh Bose, FAPMI
Desktop Metal

Robert Dowding

Robert Dowding
U.S. Army Research Laboratory (Retired)

John L. Johnson

John L. Johnson, FAPMI
Elmet Technologies LLC

Call for Papers

The 10th International Conference on Tungsten, Refractory & Hardmaterials has been rescheduled! It will have been 7 years since the last conference and numerous developments have taken place in the intervening years. One of the most notable has been the explosive development of additive manufacturing (3D printing) using refractory metals and alloys, and their carbides. There has also been a notable initiative, driven by concerns for environment, safety, and health (ESH), toward the development of cobalt-free carbide and alloy compositions. The time period has also seen growth in the interest of field-assisted sintering technology (also called spark plasma sintering) of refractory metals and carbides. Further, there has been advancement in the particle deposition method called cold spray for refractory materials. Interest in nanocrystalline materials remains high and there have been several interesting developments in the area of nano-phase refractory metals and alloys.

Now is the time to share your research and development. Submit your technical paper or poster to be considered for inclusion in the 2021 technical program.

All technical papers will be included in the conference proceedings, and highly-rated papers will also be included in the APMI’s International Journal of Powder Metallurgy or Select Manuscripts distribution.

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 13, 2020

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Technical Sessions


Regular technical sessions include papers of original and unpublished work addressing recent advances in the full spectrum of tungsten, refractory, and hardmaterials technologies. The technical sessions are forums to review and publicize recent work contributing to the state of the art and/or discussing emerging areas of interest. All submissions should clearly outline the results of the latest research, innovations, or improvements in processing or products.

All accepted abstracts will require manuscripts prior to presentation at the conference.

Contact Deb Stab with questions.



  • Refractory & Hardmaterials
  • Powder Production
  • Processing/Properties/Microstructure/Performance
  • Mechanical Behavior
  • Computational Approaches
  • Systems Integration
  • Other

All accepted abstracts will require manuscripts prior to presentation at the conference.

Moving Forward

We know travel plans are uncertain right now, but we are moving forward with our campaign for a professionally rewarding conference. As in the past, MPIF will strive to make this a safe and enjoyable conference, with controlled networking events, including our acclaimed exhibit hall. If plans for our conference change, presenters and exhibitors will be among the first to know. If your ability to present at Tungsten2021 changes, just let us know ASAP so that we can update the program before it is finalized

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