Metal Powder Producers Association

The Metal Powder Producers Association members manufacture powders, defined as discrete particles of elemental metals or of mixtures of elemental metals or of alloys, the sizes of which are not significantly larger than 12 mesh (U.S. series). In the case of fibers, their diameters shall be in the order of 0.065 in. or less. 

Membership is open to any firm, corporation or division thereof that is commercially engaged for a period of not less than one year in the production and sale of metal powders, metal flakes, metal fibers, or non-metallic powder additives used with these materials, such as graphite or lubricants. Additionally, re-processors/resellers of materials listed above are also eligible. 

MPPA membership provides an opportunity to: 

  • improve and promote the products of the metal powder producing industries.
  • promote investigation, research, and interchange of ideas among its members. 
  • promote education in the science, practice, and application of metal powders. 
  • arrange for the collection and dissemination of information pertaining to the metal powder producing industries
  • provide technical facts, data, and standards, fundamental to metal powders and to the applications of metal powders. 
  • and cooperate with governmental agencies so as to provide, within the scope of the association, maximum service to the government at all times. 

Membership Information 

Corporate MPPA Membership (pdf) 

Associate MPPA Membership (pdf) 

Overseas Associate MPPA Membership (pdf)