Technical Board

The members of the MPIF Technical Board provide leadership and direction on all technical activities relating to the advancement of powder metallurgy and particulate materials technologies, including conferences, publications, and professional development programs. The Technical Board maintains on-going technical liaison with other affiliated groups such as APMI International and the Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology.

Conferences – International conferences are held in the spring of each year, providing a forum for exchanging information on the latest scientific and technical developments in the field of powder metallurgy. MPIF conferences bring together scientists, engineers, and researchers from academia, industry, and government laboratories to share results, transfer technology, and discuss issues on related topics through a variety of formats, such as oral presentations, poster sessions, and panel discussions.

Professional Development – To enhance the education and professional skills of individuals in the PM industry, structured and controlled programs are offered as courses & seminars and as self-study programs.

Publications – The Publications Portal offers the most extensive selection of titles found anywhere related to the science, technology, and business of powder metallurgy and particulate materials. You can find books, conference proceedings, videos, digital downloads, and products covering every aspect of PM, and order them easily online for immediate download or shipment anywhere in the world.

Digital Library – The Digital Library offers users the opportunity to download thousands of individual technical manuscripts from MPIF conference proceedings dating back to 1946.

PM Industry Roadmap – The original PM² Industry Vision and Technology Roadmap was the outcome of an industry coming together to define the vision for the industry, based on future customer and market expectations, the collaborative support required to meet those objectives, and propose a high-level technology plan to make strategic decisions and serve as a detailed research agenda. This landmark document, published by the Metal Powder Industries Federation in 2001, is still valid and relevant. It, and the subsequent 2012, 2017, and 2023 updates, should continue to serve as a reference for the PM industry's long-term vision to be the preferred source of metal-based components.

Outstanding Technical Paper and Best Paper Awards – Authors of manuscripts with excellent scientific and technical written communications are awarded annually at the PowderMet (Howard I. Sanderow OTPA), AMPM (AMPM OTPA) and triennial Tungsten, Refractory and Hardmaterials (Best Paper) conferences. 

Outstanding Poster Awards – The designation is awarded to posters presented at the annual PowderMet and AMPM conferences, and Tungsten conference when applicable, that are deemed to be exceptional by the Poster Program Awards Committee. 

Guide to PM Microstructures – This online reference is for education and/or comparison purposes to aid parts manufacturers and the end-user community in the interpretation of PM microstructures.

Blaine Stebick

Blaine Stebick,


Phoenix Sintered Metals LLC

Scott Davis

Scott Davis,

Conference Committee Chairman

Hoeganaes Corporation

John Engquist

John Engquist, FAPMI


JENS Solutions

Greg Goto

Greg Goto,


Parmatech Corporation

W. Brian James

W. Brian James, FAPMI

IJPM Editor-in-Chief


Thomas Jewett

Thomas Jewett,


Global Tungsten & Powders LLC

John Johnson

John Johnson, FAPMI

Roadmap Chairman

Novamet/Ultra Fine Specialty Products

Juha Kotila

Juha Kotila,


EOS Finland

Chantal Labrecque

Chantal Labrecque,


Rio Tinto Metal Powders

Roger Lawcock

Roger Lawcock, FAPMI


Johnson Electric Canada Ltd.

Bruce Lindsley

Bruce Lindsley,


Hoeganaes Corporation

Nicholas Mares

Nicholas Mares, FAPMI

APMI Representative

Thomas Pelletiers

Thomas Pelletiers, FAPMI

Professional Development Chair

Kymera International

Thomas Pfingstler

Thomas Pfingstler,


Atlas Pressed Metals

Eric Reinert

Eric Reinert,


Bronson & Bratton, Inc.

Mark Saline

Mark Saline,


Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems

Raymond Serafini

Raymond Serafini, PMT



Mike Stawovy

Mike Stawovy,


Elmet Technologies

Michael Stucky

Michael Stucky,


Norwood Medical

Virendra Warke

Virendra Warke,

Member at Large

Entegris Inc.

Roland Warzel III

Roland Warzel III,

Publications Chairman

North American Höganäs Co.

James Adams

James Adams,

Executive Director

Metal Powder Industries Federation