Powder Metallurgy Parts Association

The Powder Metallurgy Parts Association members manufacture a broad range of parts, defined as any product made from metal powders of any composition, fabricated by being first compacted in a shaped die and then sintered.  

Membership is open to any firm, corporation or division thereof, that is presently engaged in the manufacture and sale of PM parts.  

PMPA membership provides an opportunity to:  

  • promote wider usage and improved quality of powder metallurgy parts. 
  • cooperate with governmental agencies so as to provide maximum service to the government at all times. 
  • disseminate technical knowledge of the powder metallurgy process to technical and educational organizations and institutions, and to the public at large. 
  • take action necessary and proper for accomplishing the above purposes, providing the action is in all respects consistent with the public interest, public policy and laws of the United States and the several states. 

Membership Information

Corporate PMPA Membership (pdf) 

Overseas Associate PMPA Membership (pdf)

PMPA Member List