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Involving a powder metallurgy parts manufacturer early in the design process is important. Accurate specifications are essential to formulating quotes.
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Directory Detail
Capstan Atlantic specializes in Gears and complex structural components.

Specialties: Precision engineered helical, spur and combination gearing. PM gear capability to AGMA class Q9. Large multi-level high strength parts. Sinter hardening. Small complex structural components.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Compacting Equipment: Mechanical Presses: 4 ton to 825 ton.

Other Consolidating Equipment: Coining presses 12 ton to 825 ton.

In-House Secondary: Proprietary gear rolling and finishing equipment, C.N.C. turning & machining, grinding, honing, coining, rotary sizing, broaching, reaming, tapping, boring, vibratory finishing, brazing, steam treating, oil and resin impregnation, deburring and assemblies.

In-House QC & Metallurgical Inspection: ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 9001:2008 certified. Complete Metallurgical Lab and Quality Assurance facilities. Gear Metrology Center for checking helix (lead error), involute profile, and other elemental gear data, M&M gear checker, red liner gear checker, vision/touch probe hybrid automatic C.M.M., mechanical testing, specialized gaging, metallographic equipment, and transverse rupture testing. Magna-Flux & resonant NDT inspection.

Prototype Tooling: Complete in-house tooling and design for rapid prototype and development. State-of-the-art tool shop. Helical gear grinder. Complete inventory of tool steels.

Armatures/Poles, Cams/Lobes/Pawls, Gears/Sprockets/Pulleys, Radiation Shielding/Counter Weights, Sensor Rings,
Press and Sinter
Agricultural, Off-Highway, Recreational Vehicle, Appliances, Food Service, Cutlery, Automotive, Electronic and Computers, Hardware Power Tools, Industrial (small engine, pumps, power transfer, value parts), Lawn and Garden, Recreational, Sporting Goods,
ISO 9001
ISO/TS 16949

Company Contacts

Primary Sales RepresentativeSmith, Michael

Additional Demographics and Lists

FurnacesContinuous belt
FurnacesSinter hardening
Furnacesup to 2,100 ˚F
MaterialsCopper, Bronze, Brass
MaterialsIron & Iron Alloys
MaterialsPhosphorus Iron
SpecialtiesCNC machining
SpecialtiesCopper Infiltration
SpecialtiesDrilling & tapping
SpecialtiesSecondary Operation
SpecialtiesSizing & Coining
SpecialtiesSurface densification & gear rolling