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Are you looking for a powder metallurgy fabricator? Use the directory below to find the right PM fabricator to build your component. Search based on the type of process (press-and-sinter/conventional powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, isostatic pressing, and metal additive manufacturing), material, type of part, or even by industry segment. From bearings and flanges to spray nozzles and flow restrictors, our directory encompasses well over 100 member companies of the Metal Powder Industries Federation who are ready to help you design your PM component.

Involving a powder metallurgy parts manufacturer early in the design process is important. Accurate specifications are essential to formulating quotes.
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Alpha Precision Group is a premier North American manufacturer of engineered components and assemblies. Utilizing powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, additive metal manufacturing, precision machining & automated assembly technologies, APG provides specialized product solutions across a wide range of industries. Headquartered in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, APG operates 4 highly specialized North American manufacturing facilities with a global customer base.

- PM stainless steel components with one of the largest installations of high temperature (2600°F) sintering capacity
- Complex & high- precision automotive hydraulic cam phaser and oil pump components
- MIM & Additive manufacturing -In-house tool manufacturing positions APG as a dependable product development partner with the ability to provide rapid functional prototypes and short lead-time samples off production-intent tools.
- Assemblies using vertically integrated value streams and highly automated machining & assembly technologies

Materials: PM : stainless steel, carbon steel, copper steel, nickel steel, low alloy steel, sinter-hardening steel, diffusion alloyed steel, copper infiltrated steel, soft magnetic alloys.
MIM: stainless steel, superalloys, magnetic alloys

Industries Served: Automotive, Small Engine, On & Off-Highway, Recreational Vehicle, Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration, Aerospace, Medical & Dental devices & Defense.

Types of Parts: PM: Stainless engine exhaust flanges and sensor bosses, automotive valvetrain timing & cam phaser components, cam lobes & camshaft assemblies, vane pump components, gears, sprockets, pulleys, speed sensor rings & custom engineered structural components.
MIM: components for medical tools, components for firearms

In-House Secondary: Fully automated assembly, CNC turning & milling, drilling & tapping, grinding, broaching, ultrasonic cleaning. Close partnership with carburizing and induction heat-treat providers.

Consolidation Equipment: PM Full range of powder compacting presses 12 - 880 ton. Mechanical compacting presses up to 500 ton, CNC hydraulic compacting presses up to 550 tons, Hybrid compacting presses up to 880 tons, Mechanical sizing presses up to 400 ton.
MIM: 25 - 110 ton presses

Sintering Equipment: PM: Continuous belt furnaces up to 36"/2150°F, Sinter-hardening furnaces & pusher furnaces up to 2600°F
MIM & A/M: Vacuum furnaces up to 2650°F, Pusher furnaces up to 2600°F

Process Types: Press & Sinter, Metal Injection Molding, Additive Metal Manufacturing, Precision Machining & Assembly

Quality Assurance & Accredidation: IATF 16949, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Registered

Armatures/Poles, Bearings/Flanges, Cams/Lobes/Pawls, Filters/Flow Restrictor, Gears/Sprockets/Pulleys, Sensor Rings
Metal Injection Molding, Press and Sinter
Agricultural, Off-Highway, Recreational Vehicle, Appliances, Food Service, Cutlery, Automotive, Electronic and Computers, Hardware Power Tools, Industrial (small engine, pumps, power transfer, value parts), Lawn and Garden, Recreational, Sporting Goods, Medical and Dental,
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
ISO/TS 16949

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