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Directory Detail

Specializing In:
Sintered materials, sintering technologies, metal and ceramic powder injection molding, titanium powder metallurgy, stainless steel powder metallurgy, nanoscale cemented carbides, tungsten heavy alloys, full density processing, novel sintering technologies, computer simulations, microstructure control in sintering, merger and acquisition, technology evaluation, business and technology review, patent litigation, federal research funding and applications, proposal generation, high performance materials and designs, cost estimation, value estimation, price estimation.

Types of Services Available:
A host of global contacts, evaluation tools, and computer simulations exist for business, legal, and technical problems. Recent projects include the planning of greenfield an automotive MIM facility for a capacity of $30 million per year, due diligence evaluation of a biomedical MIM company, troubleshooting automotive valve seat production yields, market planning for new continuous furnace offerings, strategic planning for Air Force powder metallurgy R&D policy, historical assessment of cemented carbides in jewelry, evaluation of ductile ceramic armor, design of sintered diamond bond, temperature calibration protocol testing, spark sintering of defense materials, sintered rapid prototype dental restoration troubleshooting, benchmarking PIM company capabilities, tooling cost analysis, and evaluation of titanium growth opportunities.

Testing Facilities Available:
Extensive university-based experimental tools for all typical powder metallurgy tests, including state of the art microscopy, dilatometry, surface area, spark sintering, microwave sintering, vacuum sintering, materials testing, and powder atomization. Partners exist around the world, providing access to many unique capabilities.

Company Contacts

Primary Sales RepresentativeGerman, Randall