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Graphite Powders: Iron Mixes: 1651, PM5, 1645, PM9, PM13, and PM19 are natural graphites manufactured specifically for conventional iron pre-mix applications by Asbury - Southwestern Graphite.

Forging Powders: PF5, PF9 are natural graphite powders, while PFS5, PFS8 are synthetic graphite powders. All are specially processed (screened) for the powder forge industry. To insure the demanding quality be desired.

Bronze & High Carbon Iron Mixes: 3610, 3243, 3539, 2120, 3429 are all natural graphite grades designed specifically for bronze and high carbon (free graphite) iron mixes.

Hard Metals: Carbon blacks and specialty graphite powders are provided for the hard metal industry. Asbury also provides graphite sintering trays and graphite lubricants for the powder metallurgy industry.

Graphite Sintering Trays/Graphite Furnace Pieces

Lubricants: Graphite, Boron, Nitride, Molydisulphide

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Asbury currently has plants in the following locations: Asbury, NJ; Sunbury, PA; Kittanning, PA; Mississauga, ONT., CANADA; Detroit, MI; Dequincy, LA; Rodeo, CA; Sonora, MEXICO. The above plants are capable of producing products from 1/2 inch to 1 micron average.

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MaterialsGraphite & Lubricants