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Granular and Water Atomized Powders: Iron, diffusion-bonded alloys and low alloy steel powders.

Standard Powders: ATOMET® iron and steel powders for powder metallurgy, ferromagnetics, welding electrodes, cutting and scarfing, photocopying, magnetic particle inspection, food additives, chemical and other applications. ATOMET® press-ready mixes for powder metallurgy.

Special Powders: Binder treated FLOMET® blends, sinter hardening grades, diffusion-bonded grades, composite materials for ferromagnetic applications, blends for warm pressing, H2Omet® for environmental projects. Other blends available by quotation.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Powder manufacturing and blending facilities in Canada and China. Granulated iron powders and water-atomized steel powders. Conventional premixed powders in lot sizes up to 95,000 lbs. Binder treated mixes (FLOMET). Specially screened powder with narrow particle size ranges. Environmental powders (H2Omet®).

Special Equipment: Fully equipped research and development laboratory. Quality control facility and pilot plant. Warm pressing and forging test capability.

Other Information: World-wide warehousing and customer service network. Major sales offices in Montreal, Canada; Frankfurt, Germany; and Suzhou, China. FORD Q1 Award received in 1996. ISO 9001 Registered since 1993; QS-9000 Registered since 1995; ISO 14001 Registered since 1999; ISO/TS 16949 since 2003.

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Primary Sales RepresentativeCoscia,

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MaterialsIron & Steel