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Metal Powders: Stainless steel, tool steel, copper-nickel alloys, cobalt and cobalt alloys, aluminum, nickel, nickel-iron, nickel-chromium, iron-chromium, nickel-chromium-boron, Monel™*, Inconel™*, and Hasteloy™* equivalent alloys, magnetic alloy powders. Titanium and titanium alloy powders 6AL4V. Thermal spray alloys, metal injection molding powders, filtration powders. Hydride / Dehydride (HDH) refractory metal powder services.

Standard Powders: 303L, 304L, 316L, 17-4PH(™*), the motor vehicle series (™) stainless steel powders include MVS409CB, MVS410L, MVS430L and MVS434L, AMS 4775, 4776, 4777, 4778, 4779, 80/20 Ni-Cr, 70/30 Fe-Cr, Cobalt, 50Ni/50Fe, ultra stainless steel TM* alloys (ultra 303L, ultra 304L, ultra 316L).

Special Powders: By quotation.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Water and gas atomization, up to 30,000 lb. blending capacity, annealing, custom screening, air classification, statistical process control. Totally automated high volume 300 and 400 series powder production systems. ISO 9001:2008 certified. Hydride / Dehydride (HDH) for titanium and refractory metal powder production.

Production Minimum: By quotation.

Atomization Capability: To 3000°F

Annealing Capability: Hydrogen and Vacuum

Powder Fraction Range: From -10 mesh to -10 micron, custom sizing readily available.

Special Equipment: ICP chemical analysis, scanning electron microscopy, microtrac, complete and modern QC lab.

Other Information: Specialize in custom atomizing to unique customer chemistry specifications and screen analysis requirements.

*™ - Monel, Inconel, and Hasteloy are registered trademarks of Inco Alloys International.
*™ - 17-4PH is a registered trademark of ARMCO, Advanced Materials Corp.

ISO 9001

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MaterialsChromium Alloys and Chromium
MaterialsCobalt & Cobalt-Based Alloys
MaterialsFerro Alloys
MaterialsHard Facing Alloys
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