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Personal. Passionate. Unconventional. These three traits are at the core of who we are and how we approach business at Clearfield Metal Technologies. Using this model as our foundation, we first focus on building relationships and earning trust with our customers. Once established, we continue to work very close with our customers to “rethink metal” and develop unconventional solutions that provide the best overall value to our customers and process. At Clearfield, we specialize in highly complex structural components for a wide variety of markets. Possessing press tonnages as small as 20 Tons, and as large as 825 Tons, enables us to offer a wide variety of complex part sizes and shapes. We also offer “sinter hardening” capabilities (providing heat treat properties through rapid cooling verses the traditional oil quench heat treatment) and a wide variety of CNC machining to provide the final desired shape and tolerance control for specific applications. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about hos we can help you uncover the economical alternative to other costly conventional metal processing methods.
Armatures/Poles, Bearings/Flanges, Cams/Lobes/Pawls, Gears/Sprockets/Pulleys, Radiation Shielding/Counter Weights, Sensor Rings,
Press and Sinter
Aerospace, Agricultural, Off-Highway, Recreational Vehicle, Appliances, Food Service, Cutlery, Automotive, Hardware Power Tools, Industrial (small engine, pumps, power transfer, value parts), Lawn and Garden, Recreational, Sporting Goods, Medical and Dental,
Compacting Presses, Compaction Tooling, Deburring Shot Peening Surface Modification, Handling, Laboratory Services, Muffles Belts Fixtures, Test Equipment
ISO 9001

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Primary Sales RepresentativeBritton, Timothy

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FurnacesContinuous belt
FurnacesSinter hardening
Furnacesup to 2,100 ˚F
Materials50-50 Nickel Iron
MaterialsCopper, Bronze, Brass
MaterialsIron & Iron Alloys
MaterialsPhosphorus Iron
MaterialsStainless Steel
Presses751-1250 ton
SpecialtiesCNC machining
SpecialtiesCopper Infiltration
SpecialtiesDrilling & tapping
SpecialtiesSecondary Operation
SpecialtiesShot peening
SpecialtiesSizing & Coining
SpecialtiesSurface densification & gear rolling