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If you have an application that you’re considering manufacturing via MIM, your very first step should be to consult with one of the MIMA-member companies listed in our directory. These companies have the expertise to guide you every step of the way, from evaluating whether your part is an appropriate candidate for MIM, through the design and material selection processes, through tooling development, to the ultimate manufacturing of your component.New Search

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ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. is a global advanced manufacturing service provider focused on accelerating speed to market for its customers. ARC provides a holistic set of precision manufacturing solutions, from design and prototyping through full run production. These solutions include metal injection molding, plastic injection molding, clean room plastic injection molding, prototyping [parts and tools], and production tooling. Further, ARC utilizes technology to improve automation in manufacturing through robotics, software and process automation, and lean manufacturing to improve efficiency.

ARC believes the methodologies and systems of how products get manufactured will change materially over the next 10-20 years, due to technology such as automation, robotics, software, artificial intelligence and cheaper energy prices. ARC’s objective is to be an accelerator of this technology adoption in traditional mass-production. The resulting change will be a world where lead times are reduced, supply chains are localized, and customers get to market in a quicker and more efficient way than they do today.

Materials: Corrosion-Resistant and Nickel Free stainless steels, including (304L, 316L Duplex, 410, 420, 430L, 440C, and 17-4ph); Steel Alloys ( 4605, 4141, 2% NiFe,8620, 4140); Soft Magnetic alloys (Fe-3% Si, Fe-50% Ni, Fe27Co) High Permeability alloys (Mu-Metal, Permalloy, Fe–50% Co,Pernebdur2V (49Co2V), HyMu80 – 80% NiFeMo); Controlled Expansion alloys (ASTM F-15, Fe-42% Ni, 36NiFe); Low Alloy Steels (7% Ni-Fe), Biomedical Implantable Alloy (ASTM F75); Heat resistance stainless steel (HK30) Refractory Metal (Tungsten B777), Non-Ferrous: Cu 100%
If the material you require is not listed or you would like more information on the materials we can provide.

Types of Parts: We are a Solutions Provider that specializes in the manufacturing of small/medium, non-corrosive, dimensionally difficult parts with tight tolerance requirements for various markets, including Automotive grounded turbo vanes, Firearms, Medical/Surgical/Orthopedic, Dental/Orthodontic, Health/Hearing, Aerospace, Military/Home Defense, Electronic/Optical Packaging, Telecommunications/Fiber Optic, and Industrial.

Specialties: Manufacturer of precision, high-volume metal components through the metal injection molding (MIM) process. Our competitive edge is with our custom feedstocks of stainless-steel, cobalt and nickel based alloys, providing superior properties of strength/versatility, in addition to custom tooling, sintering and heat treat furnaces, which produce high-density parts. We also specialize in small volume runs as well as rapid prototyping expertise. Specialize in small volume runs as well as a variety of rapid prototyping options – including 3D metal printing, modular tooling and ARC Group’s RapidMIM technology

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Molding Machines:
With clamping force of 50 to 200 ton, shot size up to 286cc utilizing hydraulic and fully electrical molding machines. In-line manual and automated degating stations for rapid removal of runner systems and gate vestige.

Maximum Part Weight: Up to 500 grams part weight.

Molding Automation: Full utilization of four, five and six axis Yushin, Kuka and Fanuc robotics creating self-sustaining production cells.

In-House Secondary: High Speed Precision CNC Machining, Wire EDM, Heat Treatment, Computer-aided state-of-the-art video straightening systems, Resonant acoustic testing; Coining/Sizing, Surface Finishing; Passivation, Ultrasonic Cleaning.

In-House QC & Metallurgical Inspection: ISO 9001:2008 Registered. Incoming Metal Powder and Rheology Testing. Carbon, Density, and Hardness testing. Dimensional inspection capability includes video inspection, Touch Probe CMM, Optical Comparator.

ISO 9001/General
ISO/TS16949 Automotive
ISO/TS13485 Medical
AS 9100 Rev C Aerospace
ATF Federal Firearms License

ISO 9001/General
ISO/TS 13485
AS 9100 Rev C Aerospace
ATF Federal Firearms License

ISO 9001/General
ISO/TS16949 Automotive
ISO/TS13485 Medical
Hungarian Ministry of Defense (HMOD) US ITAR Firearms

Armatures/Poles, Bearings/Flanges, Cams/Lobes/Pawls, Cutting Tools/Drill Bits, Filters/Flow Restrictor, Friction Pads, Gears/Sprockets/Pulleys, Penetrators/Bullets/Munitions, Radiation Shielding/Counter Weights, Medical Dental,
Metal Injection Molding,
Aerospace, Agricultural, Off-Highway, Recreational Vehicle, Appliances, Food Service, Cutlery, Automotive, Defense, Electronic and Computers, Hardware Power Tools, Industrial (small engine, pumps, power transfer, value parts), Lawn and Garden, Recreational, Sporting Goods, Medical and Dental, Oil Exploration,
Binder Removal/Furnace, Feedstock Equipment, Molds and Tooling,
ISO 9001
AS 9100
ISO/TS 16949

Additional Demographics and Lists

Furnaces2,100 ˚F - 2,300 ˚F
Furnaces2,300 ˚F - 3,000 ˚F
Furnacesup to 2,100 ˚F
Materials50-50 Nickel Iron
MaterialsChromium Alloys and Chromium
MaterialsCobalt & Cobalt-Based Alloys
MaterialsCopper, Bronze, Brass
MaterialsHigh Conductivity
MaterialsIron & Iron Alloys
MaterialsPhosphorus Iron
MaterialsStainless Steel
MaterialsTool Steels
MaterialsTungsten & Tungsten Alloys
SpecialtiesCNC machining
SpecialtiesDrilling & tapping
SpecialtiesSecondary Operation
SpecialtiesSizing & Coining
SpecialtiesSurface densification & gear rolling