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If you have an application that you’re considering manufacturing via MIM, your very first step should be to consult with one of the MIMA-member companies listed in our directory. These companies have the expertise to guide you every step of the way, from evaluating whether your part is an appropriate candidate for MIM, through the design and material selection processes, through tooling development, to the ultimate manufacturing of your component.New Search

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Materials/Feedstocks: Ready-to-use ADVAMETĀ® feedstock for metal injection molding (MIM) - sometimes also called powder injection molding (PIM) - for many steels and stainless steels and some non-ferrous compositions. Products are based on our proprietary thermoplastic binder systems. Examples of common materials are 4600 (Fe-Ni-Mo) steel, 4100 steel, 17-4 PH SS, 400 series SS and 316 SS. Feedstocks can be customized for many other compositions such as Fe-Si, tool steels, F-15, F-75 and nickel base superalloys.

Types of Parts: Our MIM feedstocks have been used extensively for making parts for many different industries served by our customers - MIM parts producers.

Specialties: Advanced Metalworking specializes in production of ready-to-use feedstocks for MIM or PIM. The feedstocks can be tailor made for each customer in terms of metal composition, feedstock viscosity and, target sintering shrinkage. We have produced feedstocks since 1988 and handle large production orders of several tons each. We also conduct development programs, prepare small feedstock test lots and supply metal injection molded (MIM) test specimens or bars from our standard mold.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Equipment: Several mixers with the largest having a capacity of over half a ton and other equipment for production of MIM or PIM feedstock, 55 ton injection molding machine with 115 g PS shot size, four-cavity test specimen mold, lab scale atmosphere and solvent debinding facilities, tube sintering furnace and lab vacuum sintering furnace.

In-House QC & Metallurgical Inspection: Helium pycnometer for density measurement, extrusion plastometer for feedstock viscosity measurement and microscopes and other metallographic facilities. Contact info@AMP-LLC.net for more information.

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ISO 9001

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Primary Sales RepresentativeWebster, Dwightdwebster@amp-llc.net
Sales RepresentativeDonoho, Lane H.ldonoho@amp-llc.net

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