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If you have an application that you’re considering manufacturing via MIM, your very first step should be to consult with one of the MIMA-member companies listed in our directory. These companies have the expertise to guide you every step of the way, from evaluating whether your part is an appropriate candidate for MIM, through the design and material selection processes, through tooling development, to the ultimate manufacturing of your component.New Search

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A dedicated manufacturing facility, built using lean principles as the foundation of its design, houses our Metal Injection Molding (MIM) operations. Injection molding machines, specially adapted to process metal based raw materials, efficiently produce intricate shapes to tight tolerances. Sintering capabilities include a high-vacuum furnace with multiple atmosphere options including hydrogen, nitrogen and argon – providing the ability to process a range of materials including stainless steel, iron, super alloys, and other specialty blends.
Cams/Lobes/Pawls, Filters/Flow Restrictor, Gears/Sprockets/Pulleys, Penetrators/Bullets/Munitions,
Metal Injection Molding,
Aerospace, Agricultural, Off-Highway, Recreational Vehicle, Automotive, Defense, Lawn and Garden, Recreational, Sporting Goods, Medical and Dental,
ISO 9001

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Official ContactAiello, Christopher J.caiello@alphaprecisionpm.com

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FurnacesContinuous belt
FurnacesSinter hardening
MaterialsCopper, Bronze, Brass
MaterialsIron & Iron Alloys
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecialtiesCNC machining
SpecialtiesDrilling & tapping