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BASF CatamoldĀ® is a ready-to-mold feedstock for MIM and CIM. Our material portfolio includes various low alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steel, soft magnetic alloys, super alloys, special alloys (Ti and others) and oxide ceramics. Catamold incorporates unique catalytic debinding and offers high green strength and dimensional stability, the fastest manufacturing cycle times available, and more flexibility in part size and geometry. It is well suited for both batch and continuous PIM operations.

Carbonyl Iron Powders:
BASF has the most diversified range of these powders and is a leader in product innovation. In cooperation with a broad range of customers, BASF has successfully developed differentiated grades geared to the individual needs of specific niche applications. BASF's standard grades, OM and OS, are widely used for iron-nickel and low alloy steel parts, as well as in masteralloy techniques. Currently, BASF carbonyl iron powders are the largest volume metal powders in the MIM industry.


Manufacturing Capabilities:
BASF is the leading global supplier for a wide range of Carbonyl Iron Powders developed over many years to meet the specific needs of our customers and their applications. With CatamoldĀ® BASF offers the widest portfolio of ready-to-mold feedstocks available globally. Capacity for both materials has been expanded multiple times to meet customer and market demand.

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Primary Sales RepresentativeThorne, William F.william.thorne@basf.com

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MaterialsIron & Steel
MaterialsStainless Steel