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If you have an application that you’re considering manufacturing via MIM, your very first step should be to consult with one of the MIMA-member companies listed in our directory. These companies have the expertise to guide you every step of the way, from evaluating whether your part is an appropriate candidate for MIM, through the design and material selection processes, through tooling development, to the ultimate manufacturing of your component.New Search

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ELNIK SYSTEMS - Celebrating 50 years of Excellence and 25 years’ experience in the Debind and Sinter equipment industry. Our dedication to our customers experiences and success makes Elnik is the only partner you will ever need for your MIM and Metal AM processing equipment demands.

A manufacturer and seller of 1st stage debinding (Solvent/Catalytic/Water), ONE-Step - 2nd stage Debind and Sinter furnaces, water cooling systems, and gas generation equipment.

Our Equipment philosophy incorporates integration across shelving and rack design for reduced handling/staging time.

Elnik also offers a Laboratory MIM furnace that provides real test results leading to easy scale up into production. This furnace is also easily adaptable to use for AM/3D printed Metal parts.

Innovation drives our organization and all experimentation work is performed through our partnership with our sister company DSH Technologies, LLC, (Your Partner in MIM/AM).

Binder Removal/Furnace,

Company Contacts

Primary Sales RepresentativeJoens, Stefansjoens@elnik.com