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If you have an application that you’re considering manufacturing via MIM, your very first step should be to consult with one of the MIMA-member companies listed in our directory. These companies have the expertise to guide you every step of the way, from evaluating whether your part is an appropriate candidate for MIM, through the design and material selection processes, through tooling development, to the ultimate manufacturing of your component.New Search

Directory Detail
MIM Parts Fabricator
Types of Parts:
Medical device parts/Automotive parts/Optical communication parts/Consumer parts
Materials: Stainless steel/Iron base alloy steel/High thermal conductivity alloy/Copper & Copper alloy/Titanium & Titanium alloy
In-House Secondary: CNC/lathe/Cylindrical grinder/Polishing/Sizing/Welding/Tapping/Reaming/Sandblasting/Cleaning
In-House Q.C. and Metallurgical Inspection: Metallography/Grain size/Element content/Hardness/Yield Strength/Dimension/Density/Aging
Maximum Part Weight: 500 g
Specialties: MIM / Raw material/ Automation / Tooling
Medical Dental, Structural Parts,
Metal Injection Molding,
Appliances, Food Service, Cutlery, Automotive, Electronic and Computers, Medical and Dental,

Company Contacts

Official ContactShen, Lizliz.shen@sinomimtech.com